Sunday, November 30, 2008


Dry Mist

The term may not be new, only new to me. However, as an American-French bilingual with an above-average interest (IMHO) in finding le mot juste, I'm pretty sure it would have caught my attention had I seen it before. What's more, I've often had to refer to smog when telling people in French about Los Angeles; I've always just called it "smog" or "le smog" and then explained (if necessary) how it arrives there.

Yesterday or the day before, the weather forecast in myYahoo! for selected cities (in French) showed Brume (fog or mist), Beau temps (nice weather--which for Lille seems to be rain, judging by the image), Nuageux (cloudy) and "Brume s├Ęche" for Los Angeles. Dry mist. I presume that means hazy, smoggy; perhaps the air is still somewhat smokey from the recent fires. I think I understand, may remember it and use it myself, but doubt I would ever have produced it myself. I wonder who did?

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