Sunday, March 07, 2010


Browser Wars : Some Complaints, A Recommendation

Will the "browser wars" never end? One could have hoped so, now that Microsoft has begun providing the "Ballot Screen" so Windows users can choose their browser. Fine, there remain problematic details regarding which browser appear in the primary list, which are on a secondary list, and which are not even mentioned. There is also the less-minor detail that this "Ballot Screen" is only furnished for Windows Seven and, at least initially, only to European Union customers.

That those of us running Windows XP (because our hardware still works but is not powerful enough to run a more recent Windows operating system) will not benefit from the "Ballot Screen" is one complaint. Here are some others :
End of list, now the recommendation. In fact, a double recommendation, or a recommendation and a wish.
  1. Browser choice should be easy to find and carry out, and it should apply in all circumstances unless changed by the user (administrator) for all things Internet: links clicked in e-mail, in pdf documents, wherever.
  2. The one exception: if the user has already launched a browser, and it is still running, it-- the already-running browser-- should be used; another browser--even the "default browser"--should not be launched just because it is the default.

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