Sunday, January 29, 2006


Another webcraft complaint

I dislike html which imposes unending demands on my computer. I want html to load; it may do some initializing computation while it loads (adapting itself to my browser, my language preferences, checking cookies it previously wrote), and it may be dynamic, reacting to my typing and clicking. But it should not:
  1. change (or "refresh") content, especially images, using scripts and media player objects driven by a timer. This blogging tool is a (perhaps acceptable) example, although it is mostly sending my changes to the server for safekeeping. I like my hard drive to be left in peace unless it is needed to accomplish something useful.
  2. use Javascript to animate its "decor". A symptom of this is the fan on my laptop starting up because the processor is being solicited at a high level (and therefore heating up). I like quiet.

A few minutes ago, I visited a site which someone had decorated with "falling" blue snowflakes for the season. There were only about a half-dozen of them, and all looked identical, but Firefox needed 80% of my computer's processing capacity to display their motion (versus 10% to write this blog, up to 45% when sending an update to the server).

Here is the culprit:

Snow Effect Script-- JS Snow v0.2
finished on 11-10-1999 23:04 in Zagreb, Croatia. modified on 06-12-2005 11:20 in Zagreb, Croatia.

Copyright 1999,2005 Altan d.o.o.
Created and submitted by Altan d.o.o. (,

This JavaScript code can be freely redistributed as long as this copyright notice is keept unchanged. This code is used on AS-IS basis and you use it on your own risk. Author of this code is not responsible for any damage that this code may make.

Tags: webcraft

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