Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Blog Tag Blues

I think I am starting to "get" tags, Technorati-style:
  1. the last bit of the href="http://somedomain/keyword", i.e. "keyword", is indexed if the link also contains rel="tag".
  2. the indexing happens if Technorati gets a ping from the post, or the blog owner, registered with Technorati, signs in at Technorati and "pulls" the post.
  3. the text in between the [a ]and the [/a] is not the tag, and need bear no relation to the tag!
  4. the tag can even be (sort of) invisible if there is no text in between the [a ]and the [/a]

If I'm right, and blogger aka blogspot is sending the feeds it claims, I should be able to find the post I tagged and published an hour or two ago: I cannot. Let me try signing in at Technorati and doing a "pull".

According to my notes, (yes, I keep a written log of my registrations)
, and I see that my blog is claimed, but was last indexed two days ago. (Can't complain, given the rate at which I add content currently).

Trackbacks are the next blogging and reticulating technique to master.

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