Saturday, January 14, 2006


Fool Them Once...

Granted it has been two months since the flurry of interest in "Nigergate", with lots of distractions in the interim. And there are still bridges for sale in Manhattan. Let us hope that this time the "incriminating" document really has been thoroughly vetted: the New York Times reports that the prosecution have gotten ahold of José Padilla's application for membership in al Qaeda. Not only that, it was found "by American forces in late 2001 [four years ago] in a binder that contained other terror-camp applications".

Most assuredly, these terrorists are organized. But I would have expected them to be more high-tech (or should I say higher-tech?), with encrypted Internet application forms even the NSA can't read, or application forms disguised as sasser or blaster or some other virus. Virtualizing would make sense for such a network: why risk collecting binders of applications in an administrative headquarters, where they might fall into the hands of the enemy (as they reportedly have in this instance)?

When they find records in the credit and banking databases that Padilla had an al Qaeda credit card for business expenses, remember that I suggested it first!

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