Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Stop CPE -- 4 April MMVI


Premiers rendez vous de manifestation pour le mardi 4 avril
67 - BAS-RHIN Strasbourg. Manifestation à 14h, Place Kléber.

I note that I'm a bit behind in my blogging: nothing about the "Stop CPE" demonstration a week ago; nothing about the Conseil Constitutionnel's favorable opinion in the CPE's legality; nothing about Chirac's surreal speech Friday evening, nor about the reactions, commentaries, and analyses it generated. For good measure, I should also include some facts and ideas from relevent books and articles I've read.

But first, are the trains running today? Can I go to Strasbourg to demonstrate if I want to (and hurry)? Actually, that is one thing I wanted to say about the strikes and demonstrations last Tuesday: the SNCF has exemplary customer relationship management in such cases. The altered schedules are posted the day before. For instance, they currently announce

Meanwhile, I think I've de facto chosen not to go: I've missed the last train that arrives in Strasbourg before 14:00.

Why march? Why not march?
To avoid any apparent weakening of support that might encourage Chirac to think his manoeuver worked. Doubtful effectiveness.
It is a nice day (blue sky, not rainy like last week) for a stroll through Strasbourg.Tension and confrontation could well rise, since Chirac signed the law into effect despite the massive demonstrations of popular opposition and weak business support.
I think this law is bad, not just the CPE, and should not have been railroaded through.I think trying to cling to the CDI "entitlement" is futile, and I do not share that goal with the other demonstrators.
Favoring employment of the young could make it even harder for the less young to find or keep employment.I'm not under twenty-six, and although I could (again) demonstrate as a parent of under-twenty-six year-olds, they themselves aren't demonstrating.
My good character and serious and thoughtful demeanor might improve the tone of the crowd, and reduce the likelihood of transformation to a mob. I dislike the attitude of many demonstrators: what does beer have to do with it? This is not a party, a festival, a sports event. Different protocols for different events. Demonstrating is a job to be done well.

Conclusion: I hope enough others attend today that my absence will go unnoticed.

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