Monday, June 05, 2006


American Ostrich Imitation (redux)

Two reports published in the past few days consider spread of deserts, intensification of the harshness of their environments, and the consequences for the half-billion (currently) people in these regions. One is the "Global Deserts Outlook" report by the United Nations Environment Programme, and the second (first, chronologically) is an article in Science on the widening of the tropics by 140 miles since 1979 as observed in satellite measurements of jet-stream position (not solar angle). My rough survey of press coverage of these two reports in the online news I read routinely is as follows (as of 5 June, noon in Alsace).

While I take some comfort in knowing that, thanks to the Internet, if I browse enough I'll learn of these reports, I am disappointed that the news media of the "only superpower" haven't considered these reports important enough to mention.

, but nothing on "Global Deserts Outlook" or "satellite or tropics" that I could find in

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