Thursday, August 24, 2006



Nearly a month ago, I happened on to a generator of avatars-- an avatar-assistant. It presented one with a sequence of choices: gender, hair style, color, eyebrows, eye color, glasses, facial hair (I did the one for males), mouth, and so on, down to shoes and accessories (like tennis racket, dog, cat). I really liked it. I even tried to improve my German vocabulary by making my choices with the German labels (I didn't figure out how to switch to English until I was almost done, and had my German-English dictionary at hand). The result was the image herewith. I think it is quite "me".

If anyone who reads this knows where to find the avatar assistant that would have produced this image and given it a name like "1153987301_ddf0e114d7e102ab5b18df5517a04602.png" PLEASE tell me.

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