Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I Am Trying to be Amused

My cat just came in and meowed hello (as he often does). When he did, he dropped the mouse he had caught. Unfortunately, this one wasn't dead. He is now trying to re-catch it, in the dining room.

I hope he didn't bring it in alive in the wrong belief I would want to play with it, too. I hope he doesn't do this ever again. And I hope he catchs it, or at least chases it back out of the house (even just into the basement would be a good start) very soon.

9:14 He just walked by with it in his mouth, took it into the kitchen, and dropped it...to play some more! I hear it squeeking. I think it is under the stove. This could go on for a while.

9:24 I've gone to see what is going on, and to close the kitchen door if the mouse is still alive: sequester it with the cat. The cat is enthusiastically eating his catfood (he doesn't eat the mice he catches, but catching them seems to give him an appetite). Where is the mouse? Why isn't he keeping an eye on it?

9:25 Oh. It seems to be in agony, breathing but not capable of running any more, in the kitchen sink! I pick up the cat, put him on the edge of the sink, and ask him to please remove his mouse. He hesitates, picks it up, and moves it to the floor, where he drops it on its back. I hope it won't agonize too long. And I won't prolong this account.

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