Thursday, November 23, 2006



Note: I began this entry on Thanksgiving Day, and quickly realized that it was so out of the spirit of the day that it should not be published. That was then, now is now (28 November), and Windows still proposes to install IE7 each time I reboot, my spam-deletion chores seem endless, and my ISP was still block-listed for relaying spam last time I checked. Oh, but I haven't added mention of Acrobat Reader proposing to install updates it just finished installing! Yes, I let it download and install the same updates three times in a row just to be sure.

I suppose that, inveterate procrastinator, I am expected to be thankful for some help wasting my time. But that is not what procrastination is about: I want to be the one to decide to defer the pleasure of completing a task, and especially I want to decide what I do instead of completing said task. I really do not appreciate:

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