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French Candidates' Wishes for 2007

The two front-running-so-far candidates for president of France (election to be held in April/May 2007) addressed their wishes for 2007 to the French people. As the French press has pointed out, the two are an interesting contrast. What they have in common, of course, is the "and I wish the majority of you will elect me president", even if they do so with restraint and "humility".

Ségolène Royal, Socialist candidate, used an interesting medium for addressing her New Year wishes to France: she uploaded it to Dailymotion--a French video-sharing web service like youtube-- and posted the markup to her forum Désirs d'avenir as I have done below.

Segolene - Voeux 2007
envoyé par da93

It was a good idea: it is very state-of-the-people, it is something "just folks" can do without the backing of a wealthy political party. So it is good for credibility as a center-left not-too-radical Socialist. But it was also a bad idea: the white wood panel wall, high ceiling, and ritzy floor lamp don't look so "just folks"; the lighting is poor (lots of amateurs do better). And the clincher: the sour puss expression on the static screen gives a really poor first impression! Not to mention the content of her speech, in which she continues to reinforce the perception that she lacks vision and leadership abilities.

Les vœux de Nicolas Sarkozy, on the other hand, are a highly professional wmv production streamed in mms: protocol by a paid-for-performance server. He almost seems not dangerous! But when he says, "get me elected president; it is not important for me, nor for you, but for France", he blows the credibility of everthing else he has said.

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