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May 6th, Afternoon of

Saturday lunch, sitting in the nearby Turkish diner/grill (Kurdish, actually, but shhhhh!), I could see the column at the corner of Grand'rue, the one I photographed post-Hallowe'en. A couple walking a large dog stopped; while she stood holding the leash, he decorated the posters of Sarkozy. Sunday, election day, the column had been "recovered" (literally) by the socialists (MJS is the movement of jeunes=young socialists), but I think we'll see examples of the type of embellishment he was adding. (BTW, somehow the date/time setting in my camera was wrong and I only noticed a bit later...these really were all taken on May 6th).

The first bureau I came upon in the center of town was the one housed in the covered market, a part of the market called the Rotisserie.

for some reason, the photo "above and to the right" is not entirely to make it so without adding a "table" in the html?

This is a now "table" layout. Googspot/Blooger is web 0.9, it seems, so I'll try to cope with it.

Two bureaus further on I was in front of the Ecole Saint Nicolas(!!!). Here, Nicolas the candidate (and now president-elect) received a different, less artistic treatment.

Now I'll save as draft before adding a close-up of one of the bits glued over Sarkozy's poster.

Okay, it seems that with this modern (but gratis) system, the best bet is to use tables for formatting, so I'll continue. But I really don't understand why the picture I added last appeared before the other and had to be moved, nor why the tops of the two (below) are not aligned. And least of all, why I should have to try to figure it out.

This page (close-up on the right) takes a speech by the Maréchal Pétain from 1940 and suggests that there are striking similarities in M. Sarkozy's speeches.

After strolling along the Moder on the north side of town, I arrived at the Place Schumann, named not for the composer of music but for the composer of a political harmony.It looks like our "artiste" has been here, too.In the Museau neighborhood, it is Royal who has been defaced, but only slightly. And here, finally, is a panel that has not been tampered with.

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