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May 6th Around Here

Results in the French presidential election are available on-line thanks to our regional daily newspaper (in fact, they have been since the morning following the election). This election they are once again gratis; from the next election on, we'll have to pay for this service but, at 1,50€ for two days, it is not going to be too expensive.

Alsace tends to vote "to the right". When, in 2006, the 22 regional councils were elected, the left (mainly Socialist) won everywhere except Corsica and Alsace. This election was little different. In the first round, Bayrou (center) came in second ahead of Royal (socialist), and Le Pen did better than his national average.

In this presidential final, it seems that generally, around here, the smaller the town or village the higher Sarkozy's score: under 1000 ballots cast went 78 to 83 % for him; slightly bigger ( Pfaffenhoffen and La Walck I consider to be a single "place") gave him 70-76 % of their votes. Haguenau gave him a little under 70 (thanks in part to my neighborhood, where he only received about 62 %), and the total department, including the Strasbourg urban zone, drops to "only" 65.58%--still well above the national score.

I was in the polling place (voting bureau) around 11:30, and the counter on the plexiglas box read 368. In this neighborhood, exactly as many turned out for the final as for the first round, although there were a few more who cast a null ballot (16 first round, 27 second round, of 783 votes deposited). After lunch, I went for a walk around town, and took pictures of the candidates' official posters in front of the voting bureaus I past, or what remained visible in place of the posters.

SARKOZY ROYAL Ballots cast

Bas Rhin 65,58% 34,42% 574 213
Haguenau 69,31% 30,69% 16 889
Haguenau (bur. 22) 61.90 % 38.10 % 756
Pfaffenhoffen 70,03% 29,97% 1368
La Walck 71,69% 28,31% 864
Oberhoffen-sur-Moder 74,08% 25,92% 1802
Weitbruch 75,66% 24,34% 1713
Ohlungen 78,27% 21,73% 911
Niederschaeffolsheim 79,02% 20,98% 853
Berstheim 79,38% 20,62% 257
Dauendorf 79,87% 20,13% 904
Wintershouse 82,67% 17,33%427

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