Thursday, May 24, 2007


A Slice of Internet Activity

A couple of weeks ago, the author of a blog I read regularly (well, I did, but he has decided to pause his posting) mentioned a hit counter he uses to measure the traffic. It is free (gratis) for limited log size (but for his blog's traffic, I suppose he has a paid subscription). I've often wondered who reads this blog (my vanity project), so I signed up: it is, and you can see what info it can provide by clicking on its link in the left hand column on this page. I recommend the "Recent Visitor Map" report, but the others can be interesting, too.

Mostly, it seems, the visits are as I suspected: a few people I know read pretty much whatever I post from time to time; more people arrive by accident (typically via Blogspot's "next blog" navbar button) and don't stay long (sniff! sorry it doesn't grab their attention)--60% of visits last under 30 seconds.

What is more fun is to see what search results bring visitors. This morning, for instance, my attention was grabbed by a visit from someone who had used a Google search on "end of history francis fukuyama"--from Iran! Someone in Mumbai, India, was looking for "complete demonstration of Kamasutra", and left immediately, too. I guess I should diversify my posts more, but should I give a complete demonstration of Kamasutra? Don't hold your breath.

Overall, I like this statcounter: it lets me take my blog-related procrastination to a new level.

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I'm from GoStats. You may want to check out GoStats as it will give you details on more than 100 vsititors. (more than stat counter can) This will allow you to hold more history in your stats.
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