Sunday, June 10, 2007


A Frivolous Search Engine Query

I have "song stuck in head" today. I once saw a web site that provided help for that; I think it suggested another song to substitute; I'll look for it in a little while (I apparently didn't bookmark it, or if I did I didn't choose good tags for finding it again). Meanwhile, the song is Frank Zappa's "No way to delay that trouble coming every day." I suppose it is all the fuss about "Sgt. Pepper's" that brought it to mind: "A Day in the Life" (I read the news today, oh boy!) and reminiscing about other albums from the same period which I think were as "important".

I usually manage to chase it out. A story in the Independent UK, "Worse than Chernobyl: 'dirty timebomb' ticking in a rusting Russian nuclear dump threatens Europe" brought it back.

Published: 10 June 2007

20,000 discarded uranium fuel rods stored in the Arctic Circle are corroding. The possible result? Detonation of a massive radioactive bomb experts say could rival the 1986 disaster. By Rachel Shields

Anyway, I had a silly inspiration: I asked hakia "Is there any way to delay the trouble coming every day?" hakia said unto me:

Good question!
Department of "no way to delay that trouble coming every day" - Update alerts: See this page.

Not a single link of the first fifty suggested that there might be a way; almost all repeated that there is no way.

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