Monday, July 23, 2007


Superfrenchie's pal Véronique reads the Independent

I can't believe I missed this subject entirely. I read the Independent, but not as thoroughly as I should, evidently (and maybe not every day). The Independent is exceptional on the environment, and I try not to miss Lichfield on France (especially) and Europe, he's better on French politics than most any French journalist. This piece is a little different. You might want to read the Guardian's piece on "Richistan" first, though, as I did.

Fortunately, I also have SuperFrenchie's RSS feed on Netvibes and the "Cruising with the neocons" title caught my attention. "Love Boat" meets "The Shining"? I don't know, Johann Hari on this cruise is better behaved than Hunter Thompson at the police convention in ("Fear and Loathing in") Las Vegas but the net result is quite spooky.

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