Monday, October 08, 2007


Flat America

It was only background information on a ... a what? town, place, location, geo-entity, geo-demographic entity, geo-social entity, local society or sub-society? In a Wall Street Journal article titled "Where Has All The Oil Gone?", Ann Davis wrote about Cushing, Oklahoma.
Although Cushing isn't located on a major highway or railroad, it's one of the world's main oil junctions. It's home to just 8,500 people -- if you count the 1,000 or so prison inmates. Downtown has one stand-alone bar, the Buckhorn. At the movie theater near City Hall, tickets cost $1.50, $2 on weekends.

Okay, not a lot of potential movie-goers (I don't count the 1,000 or so prison inmates). But do they show movies, current movies, for that ticket price? Or do you have to buy $15 of popcorn to pass the concession stand and take a seat? Last time I went to a movie in France, it was over 8 € per person. I would like to know whether movies are shown to the public for a great loss in Cushing, Oklahoma, or a great, great margin in major cities.

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