Saturday, October 20, 2007


I got 37% on a quiz I just took!

The author of the quiz said
If you want to brag to your friends about your score, and don't think they'll believe you if you just say that you got 37%, you can bookmark this page, or send them a link to it. Its full address is,

this here link with my actual answers

Feel free to link to this page from your own web site or web log, if you want, and don't forget to tell your friends how much fun it was. Lie, if you have to....

You can take the quiz again from the beginning by going to,
Estimation Quiz
to find out "How well do you know things that you don't really know?"

Do me a favor, if you intend to look at my results and then give me a bad time about some of my answers you think I should find particularly embarrassing: take the test yourself first and be prepared to send me the link to your results, too.

I don't know whether to brag or not: 37% doesn't look like a very high score. I suppose I could try to argue that this test is intended for Brits and several of the questions are very UK-specific. However, those weren't the only ones on which I scored poorly.

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