Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Hallowe'en in Haguenau: annual report for 2007 (belated)

Hallowe'en in Haguenau was easy to ignore and easy to forget this year. In a nutshell:
  • half as many callers as last year (about 15 instead of 32), half my candy left over (instead of my having to dash to the supermarket before 8 p.m. closing, or even resorting to anxious smaller and smaller clutches of goodies to dispense hoping to make the last of the supply suffice to the end). No callers before sundown, or even before 7 p.m., and only one extravagent (stoned?) couple late late (with the munchies?). I took a few photos, but I don't have releases signed by all their parents so they aren't public.
  • the folk a couple of blocks away who grow their own squashes maintained the quality of their (non-lantern) Jack. The photos are taken from the sidewalk (my hand and arm may have slightly stretched over the fence, but it was only to better approximate with my phone camera what a 'real' camera could have recorded).
    2006 JackyJacky 2006
    Jacky 2007
  • I didn't check immediately, but on the following Saturday the nationalist posters were back on the columns. 2007 JackyIt was semi-legible from the Turkish restaurant where I had lunch, a short block away. But only a couple of days later this was covered by more "acceptible" posters reminding us that with President Sarkozy, anything is possible.

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