Friday, February 29, 2008


Cinemafy, cinemafied

I would have been delighted to have been first to use this term, but I guess it was low-hanging fruit. "Make into a movie" can be *so* "too many words". Nevertheless, if I can count on Google et al. to know, there haven't been many prior uses. Of "cinemafy", only three plus "home cinemafy" (see note at below). Of the "cinemafied" transformation, less than thirty (and I haven't yet checked that they all correspond to this usage).

v. to make a movie video closely inspired by a work in another medium, often a book. To portray in video (moving pictures, cinema).

The source medium may not be literary, it can be "real life" or "history". For instance:
...Black Kettle, the Southern Arapaho chief who, like Roman Nose, was killed in 1868. Black Kettle escaped the Sand Creek massacre, only to be killed on the Washita River by Custer's men. (There's an eerie cinemafied version of this in the film Little Big Man).
Daily Kos: Roman Nose and the Sand Creek Massacre of Nov. 29th, 1864 (Part 1)

Nota Bene: Not to be confused with "to home cinemafy": to equip a domestic room to give a viewing experience similar to that obtained in a cinema theatre.

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