Monday, March 03, 2008


Gil Scott-Heron, Joan Baez and Earl Scruggs

Artificially (or algorithmically) intelligent free association led me from Lenny Bruce to Gil Scott-Heron.

It was not my "free association", it was YouTube's "free association" intuited for me.
YouTube suggestions are right up there with Google page ranks for vacillation between "but of course" and "what the f*?" (did it take my recent visit to Joan Baez singing and playing and Earl Scruggs playing Bob Dylan as a "given"?)

Whatever. I'm glad, because Gil Scott-Heron is perhaps one of the most under-known, over-forgotten poets of my lifetime, as far as I can judge. I just spectated
and soon, when I feel worthy, I'll spectate some more. I should show him my appreciation. If I buy a record, will he receive anything?

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