Saturday, July 19, 2008


Brainwashing Americans using Embedded Inaccuracy uses prices to color a map of what the money says the presidential election outcome will be. Please don't take my word for it, visit electoralmarkets to see the map. As of this moment, they show probabilities
  • Obama 68.2
  • McCain 31.8

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal today (July 19, 2008; Page W1: no link because it may only be available to non-subscribers for seven days) let RAYMOND SOKOLOV slip
At the very least, we believe that a candidate's taste in food is a more reliable indicator of character than the carefully strained statements issued in the current atmosphere of gotcha and gotcha back. So we have worked our sources and come up with the names of the candidates' favorite restaurants in their home states. We have tried them out and assessed what an appetite for their particular offerings might mean about two men with a 50-50 chance at spending the next four years ordering meals from the White House chef.
[emphasis added] into their article
The Candidates Dine Out
What Obama's and McCain's favorite restaurants say about the men

The reporting on the restaurants and the meals is fine, and I'll see what I can do with the recipes.

The market cited above--the Wall Street Journal and their readers do believe in the wisdom of markets, right? -- says it ain't fifty-fifty. But the guy writing in the WSJ says it is. Hmmm. Did the WSJ really pay for someone to do that research and then go test the restaurants and publish a few recipes just to embed the suggestion that McCain isn't way, way behind?

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