Thursday, August 07, 2008


No Hope Without Dope

James Fallows commented a little while ago on American cyclists arriving in China for the Olympic Games wearing masks ("About those U.S. cyclists with gas masks". I think that, if they didn't have those masks off well before they arrived at passport control, and without being asked, they should have been sent off for biometric testing, DNA samples, etc. Rules are rules, even for Americans (who don't believe in the Court in The Hague, nor banning munitions like land mines, etc.): if they don't look like their passport photo, give them the choice of the next plane home or tests, tests, tests. What arrogance!

And I don't think they were "gas masks" at all, more like the lastest way to absorb undetectable doping agents, if I may hazard a guess (and only a guess). Did they have a chance without doping?

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