Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Unleash the fox hounds, they may catch some hawks

The "collateral damage" of a recent assault in Afghanistan by coalition troops was reported to have cost the lives of dozens of women and children, cost confirmed by both Afghanistan, which subsequently fired two generals, and the UN. According to the Pentagon investigation, and corroborated by an "independent embedded journalist", the count was exaggerated; there were only seven civilian deaths. But the local doctor had made a video with his phone, showing tens of women and children under shrouds lifted as he passed. I don't think it is on YouTube and hope it won't be. The "independent embedded journalist" was Oliver North , reporting for Fox,
according to Times UK Online .

The only reference I can find to this revelation in the US media is at Firedoglake, well-frequented but not exactly MSM.

Is it possible that the Pentagon can't recognize a hawk (to be charitable) in Fox clothing?

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