Saturday, December 27, 2008


Charles Bremner: Bigot, Boor, Both?

Reading Charles Bremner's column Rebirth for quirky old French bike this morning (in Times Online, owned by Murdoch's News Corporation, I realize), a phrase caught my attention:
The e-Solex is made in China but it is stylish.

I'm not making it up, have a look for yourself! Might one hear that even on Fox? No, I don't know why he would write something which seems bigoted, boorish or both, so I won't answer the question in the title of this post.

Mr. Bremner, if you happen to read this, let me suggest an article from the Wall Street Journal (also owned by News Corporation, but it wasn't quite, then) from a little over a year ago:
The Forbidden City of Terry Gou
His complex in China turns out iPhones and PCs, powering the biggest exporter you've never heard of
The activities in Shenzen are not exactly unknown, are they? One doesn't have to be an expert in globalization and trade to have learned of them, they are mentioned in so many places these past few years that it is hard not to know. Among the possibilities, may I suggest the excellent blog of James Fallows? Earlier this year, he noted MacBook Air #5: the Air comes home [to China] which has a link to his full-length article, researched and edited (I'd guess), published in the Atlantic: China Makes, The World Takes .

Then, last but not least, try browsing

Oh, and you might consider getting an editor (or at least a critical proof-reader).

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