Wednesday, October 03, 2012


No More Riding in My Car Car

My car was struck by another car a few weeks ago. Both cars had been parked (idle--sleeping-- on the roadside) when a third car strayed their way and collided with the other car which then was projected against mine.

One might think that the fender-bending which resulted, at least for the least-damaged car (mine), could and would be repaired. The damage was to the cowl, bumper, slight bowing of the hood, dislocation of the headlights on one side. There are people who know how to repair such damage, and there are plenty of people out of work who could help and learn by doing if the body-shop craftspeople are too busy.

The insurance company experts figured that one (I) could replace the vehicle for less than one (the insurance company) would have to pay for the body work. I believe they were wrong. There aren't equivalent cars readily available in the vicinity for the price they quote. There are, and should be, craftspeople capable of straightening the front of a mechanically fine car. The economic, and efficient, choice was to destroy the car rather than to employ people to straighten its cowl and bumper.

I drove the car for my last time, this morning, to the place the wrecker's truck  was waiting. The agent looked at it and asked, "they totalled it for that?" I explained, then he got in, started it instantly, and drove it up onto his carrier, no time wasted dragging it on as one would with a really broken car. What a waste.

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