Tuesday, December 25, 2012


As the Crow Nests

Curious (and attentive) as I tend to be when it comes to words' meanings and etymologies, it is surprising that, until today, I thought of a "crow's nest" as a feature of sailing ships, and crows' nests as something to think carefully about walking (briskly) beneath. Today the connection became apparent, as I strolled through the Square du souvenir Fran├žais park in Haguenau. I believe this is the first year that the crows have squatted the trees in this park; they'd been in the ones near the station and, I'm told, in a stretch of land between Haguenau and Schweighouse-sur-Moder. The nests in the park are now starkly visible in the leafless trees against the grey sky. Crows, it appears, make their nests at the top of tall, tall trees.

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