Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Some Records Ought Not To Be Broken

A photo of a tatoo reading "Nothing Last's Forever!" inspired the comment, "'Everything First's Forever!' though." Indeed, while the first assertion is quite debatable--and may simply be a grammar and punctuation error--ordinals are special in a couple of ways. Once something is 'first', nothing else will displace it from that position and become 'first' in its place. The analog is true for 'second', 'third', and so on. But something which is 'last' may not always remain last --but it might, something which is best may not always remain best: something better may come along.

"Records are made to be broken," is a commonplace. In November 1914, Crown Prince Wilhelm Hohenzoller of Germany reportedly complained, in part,
"Undoubtedly this is the most stupid, senseless and unnecessary war of modern times...."

Is it still, or has there been a more stupid, senseless and unnecessary war since? Some records ought not to be broken.

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