Thursday, February 13, 2014


Oblong Cubes?


A news bulletin about a prototype device surprised me today, describing the device as a "handheld cell counter the size of a Rubik’s Cube," then as "a simple, solid-white cube measuring 2x2x3 inches". (my emphasis).
It is dismaying to observe that cube may be following literally in the path to uselessness, if a cube no longer has to be cubic. That is, as every schooled person ought to know, a "regular polyhedron having six identical square faces."


What should have been said is a block, or a cuboid, or--my preference--a square cylinder.


If the three-dimensional rectangle has edges of more than one length, i.e. one cannot say it is a some length cube but must say it is a width by depth by height something, it is not a cube.


A 'game-changer' for HIV/AIDS -- UC Berkeley College of Engineering

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